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Please note that for all users, as we are using PEXA for settlement and as we are using KHAI KWAN solicitors, there is a mandatory requirement for both to accept transactions only when identities have been verified. For this purpose, we are using AUSTPOST to assist us. To begin you will need to down load this form, print and fill up the details. Please use KHAI KWAN for item 1 as this form is specifically designed for KHAI KWAN. Please also include your customer identifier anywhere on the form. This form will be returned to us by AUSTPOST once they have completed the verification. Please contact us if you have any questions. If you have your solicitor, then you can also use our Form VOI or else you need to use the AUSTPOST form at https://ozrealestates.com/LTIVF_52519_V4.14_Khai_Kwan_(Block).pdf